Frequently Asked Questions

10mL, 20mL, 30mL & 50ml.

If a 5mL infusion is needed, it can be placed in a 10mL syringe.

The Micrel syringe driver uses manufacturer's standard syringes - BD, Terumo, B Braun, Codan 

The programmable speed of the infusion can be limited to a specific value if needed and locked in.

It is approved for all applications except blood and insulin MPmlh can be used for: intravenous, intra-arterial, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, in close proximity to nerves, into an intraoperative site (soft tissue, body cavity /surgical wound site), epidural space or subarachnoid space infusion.

No, we don’t supply our own drug labels, but they should be easy to obtain from your regular supplier.

The MPmlh runs on 6 AAA batteries only. The batter y life depends on the speed and the size of the syringe but in general it can last for up to 70 infusions (or 33 days of continuous infusion at 1ml/hr using a 20ml syringe).

VTBI is the volume of the syringe chosen when star ting up the pump, and VI is what is missing in the syringe. The pump will give a warning when the syringe is close to being empty, and an alarm when it is empty.

1 year warranty and routine maintenance is required minimum once every 3 years.

Yes, we have training videos to demonstrate this. 

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